Common Questions about Pergolas

Why can't I just buy a kit from my hardware store?

Buying a kit project is often a fun, and rewarding experience. You can build beautiful benches, swings, and even storage sheds from kits. Pergolas are a different story. Unlike a shed, most people who build a pergola intend to spend a lot of time under it. A pergola is placed in a focal point of your yard where you and guests see it, or are under it routinely. Most sheds are tucked away neatly in a corner of the yard where you don't have to look at them from every window, and the only time you spend within them is to remove the lawnmower.

A pergola from a kit is a generic structure. It was not designed for your house or your needs. The wood may not match the type of wood on your house or it may not even be wood at all but a durable plastic that's coated to look like wood. It may stand too tall, or too short. It may not even create any shade if it isn't placed just right to block the sun's ever-changing angle as the seasons progress. Some of these kits also look terribly flimsy when you see them assembled in the store. A flimsy kit-built pergola is going to have a very rough time with our typical, near hurricane strength wind gusts we get in our average thunderstorms.

A pergola designed by AAA Decks takes your needs, your house, and the layout of your property in mind before the first piece of wood is cut. You can't say that about a kit.

Isn't a kit cheaper than building a custom pergola?

We've found that in many cases, a kit pergola is not as inexpensive as people think and often costs nearly as much as a custom-built pergola from AAA Decks. In some cases, we have even been less expensive than a store-bought, pre-fabricated kit. When you factor in the quality of a hand-built and designed pergola compared with the average quality of a pre-fabricated kit you can't go wrong with a custom pergola from AAA Decks.

How do I get started?

By calling our sales staff directly at: 405-258-3787 to schedule an appoinment with you to discuss what you would like, and how we can design the pergola to fit your vision.



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