Common Questions about Decks

A deck doesn't sound hard to build, can't I do it myself?

A deck may seem simple to build to a lot of people with some woodworking skills, but it is not an easy do-it-yourself project. It sounds simple enough to build a flat platform onto your house, but think about the specifics. How much load should it carry? How does it need to tie into the house? How far down do you need to dig the posts? What type of wood should be used? What is the spacing between boards so that they can expand and contract with the seasons and also not have someone's heel catch between them? Does my city or county require building permits or are their code requirements for building a deck?

Because of the details and specifics needed to complete a deck project from start to finish, this is not a good task for even a reasonably experienced do-it-yourselfer. At AAADecks, we already know the best ways to build decks, and we know how to create a deck that will match your needs and the requirements of your house and landscaping. Don't leave anything to chance, call our sales staff directly at: 405.258.3787

Couldn't I hire a handyman to build a deck?

Most handymen focus on repairing damage to your house or property, or adding or making minor adjustments to your house. They are not necessarily good at adding large structures. A handyman would be fantastic for replacing and installing a door or window, but you wouldn't want them to frame and build a new room for you. That's best left to the professionals. The same goes for a deck.
With a deck, you are adding a new feature onto your house. It is not a temporary structure such as a garden shed, but a permanent addition to your house that can add to it's overall value. If done poorly, incorrectly, or especially against code, it can detract from the value of your house. A beautiful looking deck, if made from the wrong materials, can weather and rot away in a matter of years instead of lasting for decades. AAADecks specializes in Decks and Pergolas. When you hire us, you are hiring experienced professionals.

Could't I just build a concrete patio myself instead of a deck?

A concrete patio sure sounds easier to build than a deck, just build a frame and pour in concrete right? Hardly. This isn't just mixing a few bags of concrete, this is adding a patio that you will be proud of because it's properly designed, the right concrete is used, and proper drainage is established. We know how to create the proper bed for the patio so that it won't shift and crack as time goes on. We know how to design it so that it doesn't block the flow of rainwater and turn your yard into a swamp. We know how to propery grade the patio so that water doesn't sit on top of it. Do this project right by calling in professionals so you will have decades of enjoyment.



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